Wednesday - 21.November.2018

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be natural® in Ireland

This month I have been to Ireland to meet few friends related to the Slate Industry.

I have to say that Ireland have been really down since 2008 due to the economical crisis but as usual, “when the Sh..t hit the fan”, the Irish took the pain, fight and always come back…! Good man Paddy !

Ireland had reached close to 30.000 tons/year of Imported Roofing Slate at some stage during the Celtic Tiger and after 5 years of recesion, they are currently importing 12.000 tons/year since 2013.

Difficult to say if this number will increase, I would say that it is probably the right number where imports meet demands.

I was happy to see some cranes in the sky and jobs going on. You really notice that Ireland is back to where it deserve to be when you see people dancing in the Pubs whith a glass of beer in their hand !.

So in order to follow the move, I have been trying green beans soup on a slate board and some Guiness of course !

Natural Slate as always been associated to the Irish climate and architecture. In fact, Ireland was producing it´s own slate at Killoran Slate Quarry in the south east of the country until few years ago.

Now that the future looks good, I strongly beleive that our sector will be part of it.

Sláinte and talk to you next month !

be green, be slate and be natural® !

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Luis Galan